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How can you manage my property in Wetherill Park,... Gladesville,... Sydney,... Dee Why,... Arncliffe,... Seven Hills... when you are in Bondi Junction? 

How? It's easy when you are already there!..


While we have our offices in Bondi Junction, we spend the majority of our time on site visiting your property 

MultiView is constantly amazed how many property managers work right next door to the subject property they manage, yet never set a foot inside. MultiView is an active manager, our clients say; "...in particular we have been impressed with the regularity in which Greg visits the property and ensures that the suite operates efficiently at all times."

We have a call centre to help you and your tenants

Whether it's 8:16am on a Sunday or 11:40pm on a Thursday, we're available. In fact we've extended our core business hours and our call centre is available 24/7.

We do what the others don't want to do

A recent management we picked up had a leaking roof. After our first two weeks we had already been on the roof several times. To our surprise in over 15 years the previous manager had never been on the roof.

We don't hide behind a computer

Too much these days is done via email behind a screen. MultiView has state of the art systems but still believes that eyes to eyes, nose to nose and toes to toes works best! Whether meeting an owner, the tenant or with contractors to quiz them about the job. You have to see it to understand it.


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