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"MultiView has managed our property since we acquired it. During that time Greg Lazarus has provided an exceptional level of service to our company. Greg has been instrumental in retaining our tenants, securing appropriate new tenants, managing day to day issues as well as attending to projects.

Greg has provided a professional and friendly service. In particular we have been impressed with the regularity in which Greg visits the property and ensures that the suite operates efficiency at all times. Cadex strongly recommends the services of MultiView."


Management 2

We were referred to MultiView to manage our commercial property prior to purchasing it

MultiView met us on site were very professional. Prior to managing the property they asked for the documentation about the purchase and lease as they wanted to review it. After reviewing the lease, MultiView picked up a large error that even our solicitor missed. This error was for a rent abatement by the tenant.

By highlighting this rent abatement we were able to have our solicitor clarify this clause we were able to negotiate a lower price for the purchase of the property. This ability of MultiView to go the extra mile saved us almost 7% off the purchase price!

MultiView continues to manage our property very successfully. They always keep us informed and are available at any time of the day.

Further MultiView kept us well informed when the tenant gave notice and was able to source a new tenant at a substantially higher rate with less than 1 month vacancy. In a market where the average vacancy is 6 months and rental rates have been falling, this was a fantastic achievement


 Management 3

 写给对 MultiView 的服务感兴趣的人:

在我们买悉尼市区的商业房产时,是朋友给我们推荐了 MultiView

第一次和 MultiView Greg 见面,他的专业素质和友善热情就给了我们很好的印象。他在预览我们的买房文件及其租赁契约时发现了一个我们的律师没有发现的大问题。这个问题是有关给租客的租金折扣的,之后在和卖家的谈价过程中因为律师加入了相关条款而使得我们可以得以较低的价格成交。所以正是由于MultiView 的专业能力水平为我们省了将近7%的成交价!

MultiView 成功管理我们的物业的过程中,一直都显示出来他们的专业水平,他们会及时发现调整并告知我们任何管理中的问题和情况,我们也可以在任何时候联系到他们。

对于MultiView 的专业管理能力,特别要提到他们为我们找新租客的过程。在当前市场的平均6个月的空租率和租金下滑的情况下,他们以他们丰富的经验和信息来源,为我们找到新租客并做到了只有一个月的空租和更高的租金租约。这是一个相当出色的成就!


Greg 负责管理我们的物业, 我们对他所提供的专业友善周到的服务非常满意放心,他会定期亲自到所管的物业察访,确保及时即时地发现检查解决租客提出的问题,使得该物业的运作全时完好有效。

我们强力推荐MultiView 的服务。

 Wei & Sonia.


 "MultiView has been involved with the Angles Family Group’s property arm acting in a Property Advisory role as Development Manager for the re-development of office space suitable for re-letting. They have also been commissioned to conduct feasibility studies to re-develop other our other large single tenanted suburban assets, we have found their contribution extremely affective and highly professional."


Advisory 2

"Thanks for all your help. We were involved in a dispute with Coles as they haven't paid outgoings in 7 months, which really hurt us. The support from our previous manager (large commercial firm) was practically zero in trying to get this sorted. (The large commercial firm) said 'we should accept it as Coles are too big, and if we call it square it will probably be a good outcome for you.'  

We engaged MultiView who reviewed the lease and took action. MultiView managed to recover the outgoings in less than 2 weeks! MultiView now successfully manage our shopping centre, for the first time we have no vacancies, and revenue is increasing. We would have no hesitation in recommending their outstanding services."



"What a result! We invested with MultiView in their most recent development. Our returns were above 20% IRR! When's the next development?"