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In the end we see it from an Owner's viewpoint. Why? Because we're owners!

Too often we see deals that are not in an owners' best interest. If it is not in your best interest we are not doing it!


An owner wanted to put a rooftop bar in his commercial building. The agent was only too keen to endorse this, after all it was a fat commission! 

MultiView advised against this, not only would the owner have had to seek numerous approvals but to source a tenant would have involved considerable expense and fit out contributions.

Instead MultiView prepared a feasibility which allowed for 18 large residential units to be built. Upon completion this almost doubled the value of the asset!

A lease, about to be signed was brought to MultiView

After the vacancy period, then rent free for a tenant as incentive, then paying the agent. The owner wouldn't have had cash flow for over a year!

MultiView reviewed the agreement and restructured the deal which allowed for instant income upon the tenant commencing the term.

A property needed substantial capital expenditure to be paid by the owner

MultiView reviewed the property and lease. We determined that the outgoings budget allowed for the capital expenditure to be paid for by the tenant. After a short meeting with MultiView the owner saved over $80,000 for a building facade.

MultiView recommended to an Owner to utilise space better

MultiView determined that the property has some surplus area which could be leased out for extra storage and parking. Within a month the extra area was leased and the owner was benefiting from a 23% increase in rent.


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