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We find extra sources of income for our clients in over 90% of the properties we manage! 

After managing hundreds of properties we can give you dozens of examples. Here are a few...


An (unnamed commercial firm) recommended payment of $75,000 to IGA for overpayment in outgoings.

MultiView started working on the property and requested a reconciliation of the account. The result, MultiView identified and received over $18,000 from IGA as a reimbursement due to their error.

After taking over a management we discovered a retailer being charged discounted rental dating back some time.

Estimated income to be recovered $162,000 representing 37% of current annual rent!

For an office building MultiView's recommended all new contracts be tendered

Achieved savings of over $550,000

MultiView was hired to enhance a shopping centre by giving it a brand name tenancy mix

MultiView achieved this filling a sub regional centre by more than 50% with a vibrant tenancy mix in under 6 months!


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