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Why MultiView to manage my property? The answer is simple... 

We didn't start out as Property Managers. We started as Property Developers and Syndicators.

When we couldn't get our properties properly managed, we said "There has to be a better way", so we tried;


Smaller Local Real Estate Agents 

We found they primarily specialised in sales

That the person we who sold/leased our property was different to the Property Manager.

That management staff tended to be younger and inexperienced, often looking to get into sales.

The office focussed on one core area. This meant we had multiple companies, offices and property managers looking after our range of properties. All with different accounts, reports and staff. It was getting harder to manage the various people than the properties themselves! 

Most real estate agencies managed residential properties with a only a few managing commercial property. Those that did manage commercial property only had vague knowledge on things like the intricacies of a commercial lease, financials and the relationship of rental return to value of the building.

 This led us to look at....


Corporate Property Firms

We found corporate firms typically service large companies and government. Smaller companies or private individuals typically ranked a lower priority.

Staff turnover was extremely frequent and was made worse during long negotiations when new staff members had to be brought up to speed.

There appeared to be a lack of accountability when things went wrong.

Simple jobs often had to go through several layers which took a long time and frustrated tenants.

Facilities were usually outsourced, this meant repairs were not performed by the same company and warranties not enforced.

These companies have substantial costs which needed to be recovered. Usually by Us!

We realised there were plenty of residential real estate agents and large firms managing corporate properties. No one was covering the gap. We cover that GAP! If the above sounds familiar give us a call and see the difference MultiView can make.